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Coal and Wood Pellet Sales
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Barrington, NH
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We are no longer making deliveries!!

We've been talking about possible supply problems since March,
urging early buys, and the problems have materialized
quicker than anyone expected.
We have one truck, and one forklift.
Plus we are having a hard time getting pellets.
We are just jammed up, plain and simple..
Many dealers in the area are feeling the same crunch,
and are not even taking orders, let alone deliveries.

We can't make distributors send pellets faster!!
That is something out of our control.
Last season we were getting two trailer loads a week.
We are lucky now to get two a

So screaming at us over the phone does no good at all!
For those not minding a little extra work, renting a U-Haul
is actually not a ridiculous option, if you want them now.
We have had quite a few people do this, and they were very happy.
Rates start at around $19.99 depending on size of the truck
plus $.79/mile. Some are just flat rate.
So for a 35 mile round trip, you're talking around $50.
Not much different than delivery charges from us,
and still less than most Box Stores.
Something to consider, if you want them before mid October.
We just ask that you
call first, if you want to pick up your order,
so we can all be on the same page, to get you in and out quickly!
Neither you nor I want to see you waste a trip.
If you do have access to a truck, or flat trailer,
we can load you up VERY quickly, and you can be on your way.. BUT..
If you are coming over for either coal or pellets, please CALL FIRST..
so we can load as many as possible in a given timeframe.


I'd like to take a minute to thank all the people that we
helped out during the crunch last winter,
for calling us for their pellet orders this year!

Thank You!!

If you have a truck, or trailer, or have a friend that does,
"Guido", our forklift, is happy to place a pallet on your rig,
in a matter of minutes!
--- But please call first, so that I can be here.---

Thank you for your support! Henry.

La Cretes are going 'extremely' well!! Give them a try!!

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Our goal, is to provide top quality fuel products, at a fair price.
And we vow to give you the best service possible.
The kind of 'old time' service that is getting harder and harder to find.
The kind box stores just can't provide.

When you call McManus Coal and Wood Pellet Sales, you talk to the owner.
The same person that orders the product, drives the forklift,
and delivers your order if you choose.

We believe we carry the best quality alternative fuel products available.
We stock LG, LG super premium, Maximum, and now, Lacrete pellets.
We also sell the very popular Blaschak coal.

We do NOT sell inferior junk products, and we won't.
Our products have the highest industry ratings, and best customer testimonials.
You have a substantial investment in your stove.
Don't try to use bargain fuel in it!!

Pellets and coal is what we do!!
We want to serve you for years to come!!

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